Survey of Prison Inmates (SPI) Series (Formerly Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities (SISFCF))

Investigator(s): Bureau of Justice Statistics

Conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, this survey is part of a series of data gathering efforts undertaken to assist policymakers in assessing and remedying deficiencies in the nation's correctional institutions. Its primary objective is to produce national statistics of the state and sentenced federal prison populations across a variety of domains. The survey gathered information on demographic, socioeconomic, and criminal history characteristics of prisoners. Also obtained were details of prisoner’ military service, current offense and sentence, incident characteristics, and firearm possession and sources. Other information includes age at time of interview, ethnicity, education, lifetime drug use and alcohol use and treatment, mental and physical health and treatment, and pre-arrest employment and income. Data on characteristics of victims, prison programs and services, and rule violations are provided as well.

With the 2016 administration, the survey was renamed the Survey of Prison Inmates.

More information can be found in NACJD's Survey of Prison Inmates Resource Guide.