Northwestern Juvenile Project Follow-ups 5 and 6 Now Available

NACJD has released follow-ups 5 and 6 of the Northwestern Juvenile Project. The Northwestern Juvenile Project is a longitudinal study of alcohol, drug, and mental health treatment needs of juvenile detainees. The study focuses on the development and persistence of psychiatric disorders, related predictive variables, patterns of drug use, and other risk behaviors. Follow-ups 5 and 6 take place approximately 6 and 8 years after the baseline interview, respectively. 

Those interested in using the data can apply for access by visiting the links below. These data are made available via ICPSR’s Virtual Data Enclave .
For more information about these data collections, or to apply for access, please visit:

Northwestern Juvenile Project Follow-up 5
Northwestern Juvenile Project Follow-up 6
Northwestern Juvenile Project series

Apr 8, 2019

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