Frequently Asked Questions

May I apply for more than one ICPSR scholarship?

Yes! You are welcome to apply for any and all scholarships for which you are eligible.

Can international students apply for ICPSR scholarships?

Many of our scholarships are open to international students. Please check the eligibility criteria for each scholarship for complete information.

Can someone help me decide which course(s) are the best fit for me?

Yes! Email and let us know your previous training, your current research or interests, and your course questions. Our staff will advise you about which course(s) would be most appropriate.

When registering for the Summer Program, do I need to provide my transcripts?

You do not need to submit transcripts in order to attend Summer Program courses. There is no formal vetting process for our courses, with the exception of our sponsored (substantive) topical workshops.

My supervisor asked me to register for her. Should I use my supervisor's email address or my email address when filling out the registration form?

We strongly recommend that each participant register using their own email address. We send all administrative communications, including registration confirmation, course information, receipts, and announcements, to the email address that you provide when you register.

Can you tell me how many seats are still available in a topical workshop?

Yes! Contact us at for the current number of remaining seats in the topical workshop you wish to attend. Our topical workshops generally have a maximum capacity of 25 participants.

You may sign up for a workshop without first making a payment. However, please note that registration is confirmed only after full payment of fees, on a first-come, first-served basis. When a topical workshop reaches its capacity, we will create a waiting list of interested applicants. We will then contact any unpaid registrants, who will have seven days to pay the full registration fee. If they are unable to complete payment of the registration fee, we will withdraw them from the workshop and inform the first person on the waitlist that a seat has become available. We will continue this process until all registrants have paid and the workshop is filled.

Are there enrollment limits on your General Session courses and lectures?

No. There are no class size limitations on our General Session courses or lectures.

I am competing for admission to a sponsored topical workshop. Can you tell me how many people have applied?

Yes! Please email asking for a total number of applicants for the particular sponsored workshop.

Will I need to purchase statistical software for my workshop?

No. Participants in our General Sessions and topical workshops will have access to all required software for the duration of their course.

Will I need to purchase textbooks for my course?

We encourage our instructors to provide all required and supplementary course readings for free on their course Canvas websites. In some instances, an instructor may assign a textbook or coursepack that requires purchase by the participant. Please check the syllabus for the course(s) you are taking to determine if there are any required course books or materials that must be purchased.

I will be attending the General Sessions in-person. Can you help me estimate the costs for in-person participation?

Our General Session budget estimate guide contains cost information for registration fees, housing, food, transportation, software, and more.

I plan to pay my registration fee via check. What is the mailing address?

Your personal check should be payable to the ICPSR Summer Program with the title of your workshop noted on the memo line of the check. If the check is from a third party, include the name of the participant and the title of their workshop on a separate piece of paper. Use the postal address below.

Attn: John Lemmer
ICPSR Summer Program
P.O. Box 1248
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248

I plan to pay my registration fee via bank wire. How do I do that?

First, contact and let us know that you will be paying via bank wire. Then visit your local bank to request a wire transfer of funds to the ICPSR Summer Program at the University of Michigan.

The following information is required by University of Michigan financial operations in order to process a wire transfer:

Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Address: 2600 Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI 48084
ABA/Routing Number: 026-009-593
SWIFT Bank Identifier Code: BOFAUS3N
Account number: 54011-25777
Account name: The Regents of the University of Michigan EFT Depository

  • You must identify "ICPSR" as the "Beneficiary" on the wire transfer form.
  • You must include the participant's full name on the wire/bank transfer.
  • The wire transfer fee is the responsibility of the sender. If you fail to pay the transfer fee that same amount is deducted from the funds sent, and your payment will be incomplete.
  • To avoid delay in reconciling your wire transfer, email Attn: Financial Manager with the total amount of your transfer, the bank name, and the date sent.

The General Session early payment discount deadline is May 1. If you receive my payment on May 1, will I still receive the discount?

No. Payments made on May 1 do not receive the early payment discount. Your General Session registration fee must be paid in full BEFORE May 1.

Does the registration fee cover food and lodging?

No, the course registration fee does not cover food, lodging, or required textbooks. For hybrid and in-person topical workshops, we do provide light refreshments every day, as well as one lunch reception during the workshop.

Can you provide proof that I attended and completed a Summer Program course?

Yes! We provide participation certificates for all General Session courses and topical workshops.

Can I receive academic credit at my home university for an ICPSR Summer Program course?

This is a decision only your home department can make. The ICPSR Summer Program does not provide official academic transcripts from the University of Michigan. For participants in our General Sessions, we can provide a grade letter memorandum, which is a document from the ICPSR Summer Program stating the instructor’s evaluation of your work and performance in their course. A General Session course is the equivalent of a 3-credit hour graduate-level course at the University of Michigan. Many of our participants use their grade letter memorandums to obtain academic credit for ICPSR Summer Program courses at their home institutions. Typically, participants make prior arrangements with their academic advisor or home institution faculty to register for a readings course or independent study at their home institution. Please note that we can only provide information about the appropriate letter grade; the academic credit must be assigned by your home institution. You should check in advance with you own academic advisor to make sure that this option works for you.

University of Michigan students may choose to register for our General Session courses for official academic credit toward their degree. University of Michigan students who choose this option do not pay the ICPSR Summer Program registration fee. Instead, they pay tuition directly to the University of Michigan through Wolverine Access. The hourly tuition rate is set by the University of Michigan registrar. University of Michigan students interested in receiving official academic credit should contact us at for additional information and instructions.

We are unable to provide grade letter memorandums or academic credit for our topical workshops.

Does the Summer Program provide childcare?

We do not provide child care, but we can identify some child-care services available in Ann Arbor. At the same time, we do not endorse any child-care provider. Listed below are a few potential child care options in Ann Arbor:

  • The Ann Arbor YMCA provides part- and full-time child care for all ages.
  • Try a Google search with the key words "summer camps preschool Ann Arbor MI".
  • The University of Michigan has an extensive database for a variety of child care resources in Washtenaw County, which you can explore as a guest.

I attended the ICPSR Summer Program in a previous year and have lost my participation certificate and/or grade letter memorandum. Can you provide me with another?

Yes! Email with your name, year attended, and course(s) attended.