Travel & Lodging

The ICPSR Summer Program offers some in-person courses in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Information about transportation, parking, and life in Ann Arbor can be found in our Visitor Guide to Ann Arbor.

Participants with disabilities requiring accommodations are encouraged to contact us to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for building and equipment access.

General Sessions: Location, Facilities, and Housing

All courses in the First and Second Sessions will be offered in a hybrid/dual-mode format, with in-person instruction taking place in classrooms on the University of Michigan central campus in Ann Arbor. General Session participants will receive the building and room locations of their courses approximately one week before each session begins.

All General Session instructor and TA offices are located in the Institute for Social Research at 426 Thompson Street. The Institute for Social Research also houses Summer Program administrative staff offices, as well as common areas and study spaces for all General Session participants.

In-person participants in our General Sessions are responsible for arranging their own housing. Please visit our General Session housing page for tips and suggestions.

Ann Arbor Topical Workshops: Location and Lodging

For in-person and hybrid topical workshops taking place in Ann Arbor, instruction will take place in a classroom on the University of Michigan central campus. Topical workshop participants will receive the building and room location of their workshop approximately three days before their workshop begins.

In-person participants in our topical workshops are responsible for arranging their own lodging. Please visit our topical workshop lodging page for suggestions.

International Participants

International participants traveling to the United States to attend the ICPSR Summer Program should review the International Participants page for clarification about visas and other required travel documentation.