Sharing and Citing Data Makes the Research World a Better Place

Share your data. 

Cite data you use. 

Check out this article "The citation advantage of linking publications to research data" - 

"We also find an association between articles that include statements that link to data in a repository and up to 25.36% (± 1.07%) higher citation impact on average, using a citation prediction model. 

We discuss the potential implications of these results for authors (researchers) and journal publishers who make the effort of sharing their data in repositories.

All our data and code are made available in order to reproduce and extend our results."

Have you used NACDA or ICPSR data in your research?

Share your citation with us. 

Are you currently writing something using our data and you want to cite it properly? 

Go to the study page, for example, the MIDUS Refresher, study 36532...

Right under the study title, there's a hyperlink next to the Version Date that says "Cite the study"

screenshot of study page for study 36532

If you miss the hyperlink right under the study title, scroll down on the study page just past the Summary....


screenshot of study page for 36532 showing citation located just under the summary

And there you have the citation!

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Article Source: The citation advantage of linking publications to research data
Colavizza G, Hrynaszkiewicz I, Staden I, Whitaker K, McGillivray B (2020) The citation advantage of linking publications to research data. PLOS ONE 15(4): e0230416.

Apr 30, 2020

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