College and Beyond II Data Series

Funding Agencies: Mellon Foundation (Grant Number 1802-05485, 1910-07255)

Investigators: Paul N. Courant (University of Michigan), Allyson Flaster (University of Michigan), Susan Jekielek (University of Michigan), Margaret Levenstein (University of Michigan), Timothy A. McKay (University of Michigan), Kevin M. Stange (University of Michigan)

College and Beyond II (CBII) is a data resource for studying the impact and outcomes of higher education. It contains student-level data on bachelor’s-seeking undergraduates enrolled in 19 public institutions from approximately 2000-2021 (the core Administrative Data). For a subset of students, CBII contains information about later-life outcomes – including health and well-being, civic and democratic engagement, and openness to diversity – more than a decade after graduating with a bachelor's degree (the Alumni Survey). These data are linkable to information about students' course content, National Student Clearinghouse data on educational attainment, and more. Visit the CBII project page to learn about CBII data components and the questions asked in the CBII alumni survey.

The CBII data are restricted-use and are made available via a virtual data enclave (VDE). To request access, researchers must complete an online application and provide an explanation about how their research project will contribute to improving educational instruction.