ICPSR Representative Quick Guide

Additional information is available in the ICPSR Representative Handbook.

What's an ICPSR Representative?

Representatives are the link between ICPSR and their home institution. Each member institution can have up to two ICPSR Representatives, and most representatives report that this role usually takes less than 1% of their time.

Some ICPSR Reps have been around for 30 years or more! They've got a ton of knowledge and experience. Learn more about
 Selecting an Official Representative or Designated Representative.

Who can be an ICPSR Rep?

It varies. ICPSR Reps are librarians, faculty, marketing staff, program admins — anyone who can spread the word about ICPSR.

What do ICPSR Reps do?

They read and share ICPSR newsletters, promote ICPSR data, events, and resources, help local ICPSR data users, attend events like the Biennial Meeting and Data Fair, elect ICPSR Council members, and more. Pro tip: Sign up for data announcements and other email lists from ICPSR to stay on top of ICPSR news and opportunities.

Need to change your ICPSR Representative?

If you need to change your ICPSR Rep, just send an email to icpsr-help@umich.edu with the name and contact info for the new Rep, as well as the reason for the change (such as “our previous rep is retiring”). New Reps will get a quick, one-hour virtual orientation.

Automated access: IP, proxy and more

ICPSR uses IP info to recognize members, and ICPSR Reps can update that info. Find your current IP information by visiting the Official Rep Tools and selecting the link to "view IP ranges." You can also update your institution's IP information.

While we don't recommend using a proxy, we understand that these are sometimes a requirement. Visit "Using proxy servers with the ICPSR website" for sample stanzas and more.

Pro tip: Schedule a yearly reminder for yourself to review the IP information on file for your institution.

ICPSR Representative FAQs

What's the difference between an Official Representative and a Designated Representative?

Back in the times before we could just download data online, ICPSR used to send out tapes of data. The ICPSR Offical Rep was the main person on campus who got these tapes. If they were out, they “designated” someone else who could receive the data. Nowadays, these roles are pretty much the same.  Learn more about ICPSR history

What kind of support do Official Reps and Designated Reps provide?

ICPSR Repshandle questions about sharing data, accessing restricted data, or citing publications. You can find resources for these in the OR Handbook.

Do I need to be an expert in data analysis or statistical software?

You don't need to be a data analysis guru. Just point people to resources at your institution. If you need extra help, reach out to  icpsr-help@umich.edu

Have a question?

Please contact our Help Desk at any time: icpsr-help@umich.edu