Featured Data: Bridging the Gap, Elementary School Data (Food and Fitness Survey) (ICPSR 36356)

The Food and Fitness Survey is part of the larger Bridging the Gap (BTG) research program, which is a research initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The primary goals of the Food and Fitness survey project were to obtain nationally representative information on school practices, and to obtain information about the association between district-level wellness policies and practices in those schools. Food and Fitness involved annual surveys of school-level respondents at elementary schools from the 2006-07 to the 2012-13 school years. This study contains data from these surveys for public and private elementary schools from the 2006-07 to the 2012-13 school years. Topics of the surveys include school characteristics, school meal options and prices, food advertisements in schools, food practices in classrooms and school functions, meal times during the day, physical education facilities and curriculum, methods of transportation to and from school, school wellness policies, school beverage guidelines, the "Nutritional Guidelines for Competitive Foods", school vending machines, and a la carte as well as school store food and beverage offerings.

For more information, see the study homepage.

Mar 14, 2018

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