PATH Study Data User Forum Launched

PATH Study Data User Forum - Analytic Topics SectionNAHDAP is excited to host the PATH Study Data User Forum to encourage communication and collaboration among all researchers in the PATH Study data user community.

Through the Forum users can know about releases of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study data, connect to publications by other PATH Study data users, and communicate with each other about their current research using the PATH Study data,

Forum accounts are free. All posts can be viewed without a forum account or logging into the forum. You must have an account and log in to the forum to post or respond to a post.

Forum Sections

  • Data Access
    • Get information on how to access the PATH Study public-use (PUF) and restricted-use (RUF) data.
    • Find out the availability of other data-related components, such as the tobacco product images and state-level data.
  • What’s Going On
    • Learn about data releases and information about developments with the PATH Study data.
    • Post here about your publication or presentation on the PATH Study data.
  • Share Your Ideas
    • Post here about specific issues for collaborative input from other forum users.
    • Use Share On Another Topic to start a thread on something different than Analytic Topics. The forum administrators can move a thread to be a top-level topic once it is established as a new topic.

The forum has Tips to help you in using the forum.

Come get a discussion going at ,

Jul 29, 2017

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