ICPSR celebrates launch of new data deposit system!

Customize. Collaborate. Communicate. Save a data deposit in process, so you can finish later. Share your data deposit space with collaborators and students. Upload new versions of a dataset.ICPSR’s new Deposit Manager has launched, and is ready to accept
data deposits. Among the benefits to data depositors: 

  • Customizable workspaces
  • More control over the presentation of data and documentation files
  • More project status communication
  • More enhancements will roll out over the summer

 The Deposit Manager release is a pivotal step in the development of ICPSR’s new digital asset management system called Archonnex, which was launched in the summer of 2016. “I am thrilled that we have made this step in our transition to the future,” said ICPSR Director Margaret Levenstein. 
ICPSR is excited about the next phase of the Archonnex transition. “Computing and Network Services (CNS) and the business team will continue to enhance the deposit system while at the same time begin development of the next piece of the Archonnex platform — Dissemination,” assistant CNS director Asmat Noori said.
A closer look at features you’ll love
Didn't finish describing your data? No problem! The new ICPSR deposit form allows you to save your work and finish tomorrow.
Also, ICPSR's new deposit form supports a shared workspace between you and your collaborators and students. Envision a workflow where someone uploads and describes your data, and someone else reviews data that's already been uploaded.
See for yourself! 
On June 20, an ICPSR team gave live demonstration of ICPSR’s new Deposit Manager. Here is a link to a recording of the webinar, in case you missed it.

Contact: Dory Knight-Ingram


An ICPSR team gives viewers a spin through our new Data Manager, and a peek at what’s next


Jun 19, 2017

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