International Love Data Week 2024 - Images, Zoom Backgrounds, and More

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February 12-16, 2024  |  #LoveData24

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Spread the word about Love Data Week 

Help us spread the word about Love Data Week by utilizing our collection of resources! Download social media images, Zoom backgrounds, printable stickers, and more to promote your Love Data Week events and activities. All resources are free and can be used in newsletters, virtual meetings, printed flyers, and any Love Data Week-related initiatives. Most templates are available in formats such as Canva, PowerPoint, and png.

Other resources include the events listing and a downloadable zip file of all non-English social media post translations.

Participation Certificate

Show off your data love with a personalized Love Data Week participation certificate. Print these off to share with workshop attendees or table visitors, or include this link in your virtual presentations.

More Editable Resources 

Use the drop-down options below to download ready-to-use templates, copy-and-paste text, and activity ideas. Some are available in Spanish and French, in addition to English.

Begin planning for Love Data Week 2024! Right-click on the image to save and use for social media posts, emails, and other promotional materials.

save the date   spanish save the date   french save the date

Use these to remind your audience to save the date, promote workshops, and highlight the week's events. The social media templates (canva or png formats and a limited number of variations in PowerPoint format) offer editable options. We also offer Spanish (canva and png) and French versions (canva and png).

Sample social media images are shown below (more designs are available in the template file).

sample social media posts

Customize your virtual events with these Zoom backgrounds. The Zoom backgrounds template (canva or png formats and a limited number of variations in PowerPoint format) provides variations for personalization.

Sample virtual meeting backgrounds are shown below (more designs are available in the template file).

sample zoom

Ideal for web pages or landscape-oriented instances. Modify and reuse the banner template (canva or png formats).

Examples are shown below.

sample banner sample banner

Use this copy-and-paste template to create a blog post with ideas for audience participation. Text can be accessed in the view-only document.

blog post snippet

Engage your audience with this virtual or in-person data game. Every day, share a pre-made chart and ask your participants to create a funny caption. Post the four pre-made charts on your social media or print them. Share a photo of your followers' captions using #CaptionTheChart. On Friday, share your favorite captions of the week. Download game instructions (with examples) and daily charts (download the new 2024 charts or use the charts from last year).

Samples are shown below.

Caption the Chart 2024

Caption the Chart

Share these fun data activities online or in person. Intended for anyone, whether beginner or expert, these can be used in the classroom, on social media, or individually. Share photos of your participants' results using #LoveData24 and #ICPSR. We offer the following:

  • Word search puzzle - in color or black and white and ready to print (zip file)
  • Scavenger Hunt - 9 questions with hints and answer sheet included (canva file or pngs)
  • Crossword Puzzles - 2 different puzzles with 8 questions. Hints and answer sheet included (canva file or pngs)
  • Search and Find activity - Hints and sheet for answers included (canva file or pngs)

Samples are shown below.

Sample images of crossword search and other activities

Adopting a dataset is kind of like adopting a pet, except less messy. Get started by reviewing the list of datasets on the ICPSR Love Data Week page and find something of interest to you. Fill out the Dataset Adoption Form, and then download, analyze online, or just review the summary information for your adopted data. Your role is to bring your dataset to life by learning about the information it contains and to share the information you're learning through email, social media, virtual meetings, and more. 

  • Download your dataset, including any accompanying documentation
  • Get to know your data. Is it numeric? Is it a category? Is it messy?
  • Find something interesting, like an unexpected variable. Share your new fact with ICPSR by sending us an email at or using #ICPSR on social media (don't forget to use #LoveData24 too!)
  • Explore publications connected to your adopted dataset in the ICPSR Bibliography (try searching for your study title in the data-related publication search)
  • Share your dataset! Send an email like the one below to friends, family, coworkers, and students. Encourage them to adopt their own datasets!
  • Look for your name on the Adopt a Dataset Wall of Honor

I just adopted a dataset and you can too


Print your own Love Data Week stickers. Thanks to Ashley Rockwell at Georgia State University Library for making them available.

heart stickers

Material for K-6 teachers, librarians, families, and anyone else with instructions for each activity, other idea prompts, and printables. Download and print and find out which dinosaurs get the most love in your classroom (and more).

Examples courtesy of University of Alabama Birmingham Office of Scholarly Communications.

 Sticker bar graph Lego scatterplot


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