Entering a New Era of Celebrating ICPSR’s Student Data Users

ANN ARBOR—Times are changing, and so is the ICPSR Research Paper Competition. Since 2007, the annual competition has showcased undergraduate and graduate students’ research papers that have used data archived at ICPSR.

Winners from ICPSR’s member institutions have covered topics from “Testing the Theory of Rational Crime with United States Data, 1994-2002 (pdf)” in 2007 to “Does (Trans)Gender Identity Complicate the Relationship between Education and Self-Rated Health? (pdf)” in 2022. 

Now, we’re excited to announce that the ICPSR Research Paper Competition is transitioning to the ICPSR Data Communication Scholarship. Starting in November 2023, students from ICPSR member institutions can apply for the scholarship. Instead of the traditional research paper format, ICPSR is recognizing students for creating videos about ICPSR data! "We not only want students using our data, but we want to empower the next generation of data advocates," said Linda Detterman, ICPSR's Membership and Communications Director.

For more on the ICPSR Data User Scholarship and entry requirements, see the competition website.


Contact: Dory Knight-Ingram


Sep 14, 2023

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