Qualitative MSHS Data Released by the Child and Family Data Archive!

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The Child and Family Data Archive (CFData) is pleased to announce the release of more data from the Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Study, United States, 2017-2018 (MSHS Study) (ICPSR 37348). This release adds supplemental qualitative data files to select MSHS Study datasets.

The MSHS Study is a nationally representative study focusing on Migrant and Seasonal Head Start programs and the families they serve, providing updated insights into their characteristics and services. The study encompasses data from programs and centers, classrooms, families, and children, with a particular emphasis on language practice and the language skills of the children. The MSHS Study is organized into several parts, covering surveys of MSHS staff, classroom observations, direct child assessments, teacher and parent reports, and parent interviews.

These supplemental qualitative data files, available in Excel format, contain open-ended responses to questions from the MSHS staff surveys and the parent interview that allowed respondents to choose from pre-defined response categories or select "other" and provide a text response when their answer did not align with the available options. The qualitative data include responses in both English and Spanish.

Access to these data require an application. For more information or for assistance with accessing the data, please contact us at CFData-help@umich.edu.

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May 24, 2023

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