History of International Love Data Week


History of Love Data Week


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Love Data Week was established in 2016 as Love Your Data week. Originally created in the USA, it quickly grew to an international event in which a wide range of institutions, organizations, scholars, students, and other data lovers could celebrate their data.

Originally coordinated by Heather Coates, the planning committee developed themes, wrote and curated content, and developed activities. The aim was to celebrate data in all its forms, promote good research data management strategies, share data success and horror stories, and ask hard questions about the role of data in our lives.

In 2018, the name was officially changed to Love Data Week.

In 2021, ICPSR became the official hosting institution for Love Data Week. 


Yearly themes

  • 2023: Data: Agent of Change
  • 2022: Data is for everyone
  • 2021: (Themes chosen locally)
  • 2020: (Themes chosen locally)
  • 2019: Data in everyday life, data justice, and open data
  • 2018: Stories about data, telling stories with data, connected conversations, we are data
  • 2017: Data Quality
  • 2016: Good Practice


Articles and scholarly publications


Planning Committee

The International Planning Committee ensures that participating institutions have a great week by developing a core set of materials. We particularly need individuals (who have design and social media skills, or who have journalism or storytelling skills) who are able to extend the reach and engagement of this event beyond librarians. The Planning Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing an overall theme
  • Selecting the particular audience(s) for engagement
  • Developing daily messages and supporting content (stories, strategies & tools, examples, and activities)
  • Redesigning & maintaining the website
  • Writing social media messages for local site coordinators to use and adapt
  • Developing digital images that can be used to create swag like buttons & stickers


Additional information 

Archived historical information is available from the Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) ScholarWorks Repository.


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