AIAN FACES 2019 Data Released by the Child and Family Data Archive!

The Child and Family Data Archive is pleased to announce the release of data from the American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey 2019 (AIAN FACES 2019) (ICPSR 38028). 

AIAN FACES 2019 is the second round of a national study of Region XI Head Start children and families and their experiences in Head Start programs and classrooms. The AIAN FACES 2019 study design is the same as the design for AIAN FACES 2015. AIAN FACES 2019 sought to (1) describe the strengths and needs of all children in Region XI, (2) provide an accurate picture of all children and families who participate in Region XI (AIAN and non-AIAN), and (3) understand the cultural and linguistic experiences of Native children and families in Region XI AIAN Head Start. 

Data collection with Region XI children, families, classrooms, and programs took place in the fall of 2019 and the spring of 2020. In both fall and spring, the study collected data from parent surveys and teacher child reports. In fall 2019, the study conducted direct child assessments. In spring 2020, teachers, center directors, and program directors completed surveys. Twenty-two Region XI Head Start programs participated. The study followed procedures for tribal review and approval in each of those 22 communities. Due to the COVID-19 (for coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic, AIAN FACES cancelled in-person data collection (direct child assessments and classroom observations) after the second week of March 2020. Therefore, the study was only able to collect direct child assessment and classroom observation data in seven of its 22 programs. For more information on the spring 2020 direct child assessments and classroom observations, see the Spring 2020 Partial Sample User's Manual. These partial data are provided in a separate file for exploratory purposes only and cannot be used to develop estimates representing Region XI children as a whole.

Access to these data require an application. Researchers must include separate research plans to request access to the AIAN FACES 2019 Main Data, the AIAN FACES Spring 2020 Partial Sample Data, and the AIAN FACES 2015 Data in their application. More information is available in the Special Requirements section of the study homepage. For assistance with accessing the data, please contact us at 

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Dec 10, 2021

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