Scientific Data approves openICPSR as Recommended Data Repository


We're pleased to announce that openICPSR is now an officially recommended repository for Scientific Data.

Scientific Data is an open access journal from Nature Publishing Group that aids discoverability, citation, and reuse of research data. Scientific Data's article types, known as Data Descriptors, are designed to provide curated descriptions of valuable data that may otherwise be under-utilized by the scientific community.

There are a number of reasons why an increasing number of scientists are deciding to take this important extra step:


  • Citable, peer-reviewed credit for their dataset
  • Enhanced discoverability of their work through exposure on
  • Publication of valuable datasets that may not be well suited for traditional research journals
  • Recognition to researchers who may not qualify for authorship of traditional articles

Scientific Data welcomes articles from all areas of science. Its open access policy ensures articles are made freely available online and exposed to the widest possible audience. You can see an example article here: The multilayer temporal network of public transport in Great Britain.

As part of your research, it is likely you already have all the information you need to prepare a Data Descriptor. And as openICPSR is now fully recommended by the journal,you won't need to move your data from to publish in the journal.

To find out more about publishing your article(s), please email Scientific Data. Questions on publishing your social and behavioral science research data with openICPSR should be sent to


Mar 31, 2015

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