ICPSR and Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness launch revamped Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies (REES)


ICPSR is excited to announce the launch of the revamped Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies (REES), a database of causal inference studies in education and related fields.

REES is a place to register basic study information and pre-analysis plans for education studies designed to establish causal conclusions. Eligible designs include randomized trials, quasi-experimental designs, regression discontinuity designs, and single-case designs.

The project is being led by University of Michigan researcher Susan Jekeliek, who is joined by Project Director Susan Leonard. Collaborators include Ellen Weiss, Director of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE), Rebecca Maynard (University of Pennsylvania), and Jessaca Spybrook (Western Michigan University). Funding is provided by the Institute of Education Science (IES) and ICPSR.

REES users will enjoy the following features:

Quick Start Guide

Checklist of Required Information for a Registry Entry

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Registry Entry

Weiss, highlighting the project’s impact, said “REES has been a key factor in encouraging study pre-registration, which is important for transparent and reproducible science. I cannot stress how important these principles are to good education research.” 

Getting started with REES

Database users are encouraged to explore the registry, access existing registrations, or create new registrations with guidelines provided by clickable icons in the Help menu (or above). To make REES even more secure, REES website visitors will need to sign in using their ICPSR MyData account with the email address previously used to create their registry (if any). The process for setting up an account is quick, easy and free. As a bonus, ICPSR's other data and features will be accessible, too. 

Need help?

REES visitors with questions may email project staff at sreereg-icpsr@umich.edu.

More information

Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies (REES)


Contact: Susan Leonard


Mar 10, 2020

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