Latin American Mortality Database (LAMBdA) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Latin American Mortality Database (LAMBdA) is a project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that is directed by Dr. Alberto Palloni of the Department of Sociology. It was originally created to support the empirical study of the history of mortality trends in Latin American countries after independence. It now supports the study of very recent mortality trends and is particularly suited for the study of old age mortality during the post-WWII period. The database covers the interval between 1848 and 2014 and contains data on population censuses, age-specific total death counts, mortality rates, and life tables.

The Latin American Mortality Database is provided free of charge to all individuals who register to the site. The project is supported by research project grants from the National Institute on Aging and a Fogarty International Center award for Global Research Training in Population Health.

Sep 3, 2014

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