International Women's Day 2019 - A Celebration of ICPSR Curators

Curators are the unsung heroes of ICPSR. Their core role is to gain a functional understanding of research studies using the deposited data and documentation, and convey that understanding to secondary researchers through the creation of summary descriptions, metadata and other study documents. When you visit a dataset at ICPSR, the first information you see is provided by a Curator. Quietly, behind the scenes, they make the magic happen.

International Women's Day is a celebration of women's achievements. You might not know that the people behind your metadata include some remarkably accomplished women. For this International Women's Day, we're celebrating three of our Curators and their research acumen.


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Ashley Doonan

Ashley Doonan is a Senior Data Curator at ICPSR. She did her graduate work at Eastern Illinois University, where she published her thesis entitled Stress as a Moderator of Visual Perception: Do Elevated Stress Levels Interfere with Visual Cognition? Besides the accolades for research, her work gained fame as the 1 millionth document downloaded from The Keep, Eastern Illinois University's institutional repository. Doonan is also a recognized author; take a look at her articles:

ICPSR Curator Ashley Doonan presenting her research work


Leanna Gonino

Leanna Gonino, a Data Curator at ICPSR, started her research work early. As an undergraduate, Gonino published a secondary analysis focused on attitudes toward race-based policies and whether President Obama's election had an effect on peoples' attitudes. Take a look at Blacks' and Whites' Attitudes toward Race-Based Policies: Is there an Obama Effect? published in the Michigan Sociological Review. 

ICPSR Curator Leanna Gonino holds a certificate from presenting her research


Laura Gerhardinger

Laura Gerhardinger is a Research Technician Senior at ICPSR. During her studies at the University of Toledo, Gerhardinger published  Contraceptive use and pregnancies in adolescents' romantic relationships: role of relationship activities and parental attitudes and communication. Her work was presented at the Midwest Economics Association Conference in 2014.

ICPSR Curator Laura Gerhardinger


Rujuta Umarji

Rujuta Umarji is the Director of Data Curation at ICPSR. Before she lead our Curation team, Umarji examined postpartum depression in an article published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal. Read the full article: Family Social Support Modifies the Relationships Between Childhood Maltreatment Severity, Economic Adversity and Postpartum Depressive Symptoms

ICPSR Director of Data Curation Rujuta Umarji at the ICPSR main office


Our thanks to Doonan, Gonino, Gerhardinger, Umarji and all the women in STEM at ICPSR! 


Mar 8, 2019

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