Annual Survey of Governments Series

Investigator(s): U.S. Bureau of the Census

State and local government employment data are provided in these files, which from 1973 to 1976 were titled ANNUAL SURVEY OF GOVERNMENTS: GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT FILES. Two types of files in this series are produced by the Census Bureau in tandem: the ANNUAL SURVEY OF GOVERNMENTS: FINANCE STATISTICS and the ANNUAL SURVEY OF GOVERNMENTS: EMPLOYMENT STATISTICS. For the 1973 and 1974 data, ICPSR combined the Employment and Finance Files under one study number in a single collection (ANNUAL SURVEY OF GOVERNMENTS, 1973 AND 1974:GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT AND FINANCE FILES [ICPSR 7391]). Employment Statistics files include full- and part-time employment, full-time equivalency, and payroll statistics. Data are supplied by type of government and by function. Governmental functions include education (elementary, secondary, and higher education), police and fire protection, financial and central administration, judicial and legal, utilities, public welfare, parks and recreation, health care, transit, and natural resources. Employment Statistics files may have several record types, each corresponding to a type of governmental unit, with the same technical characteristics. Finance Statistics files provide data for revenues, expenditures, indebtedness and debt transactions, and cash and security holdings. Revenue data are listed by source, and expenditures are listed by function and type. Functions include education, administration, transit, and public welfare. Expenditure types include intergovernmental transactions, current operations, and capital outlays. Data also are presented for employee retirement systems operated by governments and for utilities operated by state and local governments. Records in this series for local governments in metropolitan areas carry Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) codes. All records contain FIPS state and county codes where appropriate.