International Love Data Week 2024 - List of Events

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Love Data Week 2024

February 12-16, 2024
Theme: "My Kind of Data" | #LoveData24
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Love Data Week 2024 events and activities listing

Please note that ICPSR is the Love Data Week host institution. Reach out directly to the organizer(s) listed for questions/concerns about individual events.

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Questions? Send an email to

Want to view the events? Go to the Forschungsdaten Love Data Week page. Interested in events in French? Check out the « Semaine des données à cœur » from university libraries across Quebec!

Join the QUEST Center for the inaugural "Love Methods Week” from January 29 - February 2.

Will events be recorded? If you are looking for ICPSR's Love Data Week webinars, they will be recorded and available in the 2024 Love Data Week YouTube playlist once closed captions have been added. For other events not hosted by ICPSR, contact the organizers to find out if they were recorded.