What is a proxy server? Why am I getting an odd message about proxy servers when I log in?

A proxy server is a sort of gateway computer used by many universities to make access easier for their students, faculty, and staff. If you're seeing a message about proxy servers, you probably reached ICPSR via a link on a university website, and the link directed you to ICPSR through a proxy server, rather than directly to our site.

Unfortunately, proxy servers don't work well with third-party authentication providers like Facebook and Google.

If you want to use your Facebook or Google login, click on the "Access Site Normally" button that pops up on the login screen. This will take you directly to our site (outside the proxy server), so that you can log in via Facebook or Google.

You can also choose "Continue via Proxy" and log in using your MyData account. If you choose this option, we'll set a cookie so that you don't get pestered about proxy servers again.

If you are planning on downloading the full text of related publications you find referenced on the ICPSR website, you should "Continue via Proxy."


Are you setting up a proxy server? Support information is available here: Using proxy servers with the ICPSR website