How do I know if I am an ICPSR member?

List of Member Institutions

Your membership in ICPSR is determined by your university or organizational affiliation. An up-to-date list of member institutions can be found on the ICPSR website. If you are a staff member or student at a member institution, you are eligible to pay member fees for the ICPSR Summer Program, which are much lower than those for nonmembers.

If you see an "access denied" message, it means one of the following may have occurred:

  • You are not at a member institution.
  • Your institution has not provided us with the IP ranges for your school. Please contact your OR; you can find his/her email address in the list of member institutions.
  • The IP range for your campus has changed, but we have not been informed of the change. Please inform your OR of the problem. S/he will need to provide us updated information on your school's IP range.
  • You're currently off campus and have not logged in from a campus computer in the last six months. When you log in from on campus, we set a flag on your account so that you can download from anywhere for the next six months.
  • You have encountered a different error. Please contact


Each member institution has an ICPSR Official Representative (OR), typically a faculty or staff member present on-site. If you plan to attend the Summer Program, it's recommended to reach out to your institution's OR. The OR can provide valuable advice regarding the Program and share useful materials. If you're unsure of your OR's identity, you can find their contact information on the ICPSR website, listed under the entry for your institution.