ICPSR Awarded $50K in AWS Credits to support Social Media Archive (SOMAR)




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ANN ARBOR—ICPSR at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research was awarded $50k in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Promotional Credits to support the new Social Media Archive (SOMAR). 

SOMAR will use the AWS Promotional Credits to offset the cost of computing, which will help people from under-resourced institutions gain access to the rich data SOMAR offers. 

"Computing resources shouldn't be a barrier to research, and SOMAR is glad to be able to offset some of those costs with these credits," said University of Michigan Professor Libby Hemphill, SOMAR’s director. 

The Promotional Credits will also be used to leverage AWS services to drive new innovation in research-focused projects. Through this award, SOMAR will enable more individuals to use data services in the cloud for social media data research. 

Researchers looking to learn more about the AWS Promotional Credits are encouraged to email the SOMAR team at somar-help@umich.edu.


About SOMAR:

SOMAR, part of ICPSR, a center within the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research,  is a new data archive dedicated to making social media data accessible and useful to researchers like never before. Its mission is to create a platform that allows researchers to work with and analyze social media data, enabling them to study social media behavior, patterns, and trends.



Contact: Dory Knight-Ingram

Mar 23, 2023

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