Just released: New Data on Impact & Outcomes in Higher Education

ICPSR is pleased to announce the release of the first two studies in College and Beyond II (CBII): Outcomes of a Liberal Arts Education. CBII is a new data resource that can be used to study a range of experiences and outcomes across higher education. CBII data are:

  •    BIG    Over 1 million student-level records and almost 50 million course-level records spanning 2000-2020.
  •    DIVERSE    Data from 19 public institutions spanning 7 university systems across the US. Eleven of the 19 institutions are minority-serving-institutions.
  •    RICH    Survey data on perspectives about their college experiences and long-term life outcomes from graduates 10 years after earning their bachelor’s degrees from participating institutions.

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How to Access CBII Data

With support from the Mellon Foundation, CBII data are made available to approved researchers via a virtual data enclave at ICPSR at the University of Michigan. To request access, researchers must complete an online application and provide an explanation about how their research project will contribute to improving educational instruction.

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More CBII Data Coming Soon!

In fall 2022, ICPSR will make additional CBII data available, including:

  • National Student Clearinghouse: Data on students’ enrollment and degree attainment across their entire postsecondary career
  • Course Content Data: Information about courses listed in students’ transcripts, including text descriptions of course content from college and university catalogs and standardized subject codes
  • Survey Open-Response Data: Written responses from graduates about the college experiences that had the greatest impact on their professional and personal development
  • Student Experience Analytics: Summary measures of the student experience created by researchers using the CBII data

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Contact: Anna Ovchinnikova (anyao@umich.edu)

Aug 29, 2022

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