2022 ICPSR Data Fair


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Thanks to all our speakers, exhibitors, staff and especially attendees for making the 2022 Data Fair a success! The Data Fair has concluded. Please visit the 2022 Data Fair Playlist on our YouTube channel to relive all the sessions, and subscribe to ICPSR Announce for information on upcoming events. 

This page will remain available for reference for a short time following the conclusion of the Data Fair.


Data Fair 2022:
ICPSR Stands for Data

September 19-23, 2022
All free, all virtual, all open to the public


Enter the Virtual Conference

Promoting the Data Fair


20+ sessions, 30 minutes each

Learn about new data and resources from ICPSR, the world's oldest and largest data archive! Please share with colleagues, faculty, students, interns, and others. See the Data Fair 2022 Schedule or save the printable PDF.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Webinars are free and open to the public.
  • It is permissible (even encouraged!) for an organization to register and broadcast these webinars to groups of attendees... students, colleagues and more.
  • Register once for the full Data Fair to receive access to all presentations and activities through the Pheedloop event platform.
  • Networking opportunities and a virtual exhibit hall will be part of the 2022 Data Fair! Use the hashtag #ICPSR to post to social media so we can share in the fun.
  • More information and fun can be found on the event platform after registering!
  • Additional FAQ information is available: ICPSR Data Fair Attendee FAQs


Already registered? Check your email for additional attendee information. Email communications from our virtual conference platform, Pheedloop, are automated and may be caught in a spam filter. 


Can’t wait? Relive the 2020 Data Fair “Data in Real Life”

Questions? Email ICPSRDataFairHelp@umich.edu

Webinars will be posted on the 2022 Data Fair playlist as they become available.




Aug 3, 2022

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