#IShareICPSR: Share Your Data With ICPSR


Share your data

ICPSR welcomes and encourages deposits of digital data. Depositing data into ICPSR is free. Deposits are made using a secure data deposit form to describe the data collection and upload content. For an overview of ICPSR deposit services for both public-use and restricted-use data, please refer to Depositing Data with ICPSR.



Opening a digital file

With almost 10,000 downloads, our COVID-19 Data Repository is a great place to share your COVID-19 related #data. Deposit your data today at no cost! 



Share your data

Ready to share your #data with other researchers? Make sure to include your data files, documentation files, and study-level description in your deposit. Reach out at ICPSR-help [at] http://umich.edu and we'll gladly help! Or, deposit your data today!



Apr 19, 2022

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