What It Takes to Build a Topically Relevant Repository During the COVID-19 Pandemic


an editorial by ICPSR's Kyrani Reneau


ICPSR Data Project Manager Kyrani Reneau recently wrote an editorial titled "What Would it Take? Building a Topically Relevant Data Repository Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic," that shares story of ICPSR building its COVID-19 data repository


Kyrani Reneau"Toward the start of the pandemic in 2020, ICPSR recognized the need for COVID-19 data to be archived and shared, and quickly formed a working group of ICPSR staff members to determine how to best address this need. Due to the response to the pandemic changing so quickly and frequently (e.g., state responses to the pandemic), the working group decided that the ability to share data quickly with other researchers was of the utmost importance. Rather than creating a specialized curated collection, which would require time to curate incoming data prior to their release, the working group opted to utilize the technology that already existed in openICPSR as it would allow for data to be published immediately. After making some branding and content decisions, the working group collaborated with ICPSR’s IT and web teams to see the project to fruition. By April 2020, ICPSR had created a location for researchers to share COVID-19 data with one another."

-Kyrani Reneau, in ResearchDataQ, Jan. 13, 2022


Check out the full editorial in ResearchDataQ.


Jan 25, 2022

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