International Love Data Week 2022



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Love Data Week 2022

February 14-18, 2022

Theme: “Data is for everyone”


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Love Data Week 2023:

Save the date! Love Data Week takes place February 13-17, 2023. Find social media images, committee information and more: Love Data Week 2023

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Data is for everyone! Wait ... data are for everyone? Either way, Love Data Week 2022 is about how different folks use data. If you haven't participated before, Love Data Week is the international celebration of data. This year we're focused on the people side of data. What does data look like in different disciplines? How about biases in data... who is "in" the data and who is invisible? We're looking forward to hearing about your events and activities answering these and other important questions.



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Events and Activities:

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Ideas for Events

Not sure what to do this year? Use these topic ideas to create your own event or activity:

  • Lifecycle of data (research data etc.)
  • Case studies of data use 
  • Walkthroughs of data-related tools and services
  • Research data management
  • How different audiences might have different data needs/experiences
  • How to reach people in disciplines that don’t typically use data
  • Asynchronous opportunities to learn using data
  • How to outreach to students, researchers, clients and others about using data-related services
  • Best Practices
  • Data in unexpected places
  • Data literacy
  • “Data are for lovers” 
  • “Data for the people”
  • Inclusivity in data 



Thank you to the Love Data Week 2022 committee:

  • Patti Condon, University of New Hampshire 
  • Kelsey Cheshire, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Lynette Hoelter, ICPSR
  • Dory Knight-Ingram, ICPSR
  • Mary Rausch, West Texas A&M University 
  • Violeta J. Rodriguez, University of Georgia, University of Miami 
  • Annalee Shelton, ICPSR 



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