Maggie Levenstein reappointed as director of ICPSR

Congrats to Margaret Levenstein, pictured, ICPSR Director, on reappointment at Director of ICPSR
Dear ISR Community:
ANN ARBOR – I'm pleased to report that Maggie Levenstein has agreed to serve a second term as director of ICPSR, extending her term from July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2026Maggie has done a fantastic job in her first term as ICPSR director, continuing the many excellent ongoing programs in ICPSR while expanding the center into exciting new directions. There was very strong support for reappointing Maggie from the ICPSR Situational Review Committee, the ICPSR Council, and from faculty and staff across ICPSR and ISR. 
I want to thank the ICPSR Situational Review committee, which was chaired by David Johnson and included Lisa Cook, Katherine Wallman, Philippa Clarke, and Linda Detterman. Thanks to the committee for its hard work producing a very informative report, and thanks to all the faculty and staff who provided input to the committee and to me during the process. I also want to thank the members of the ICPSR Council, chaired by Lisa Cook, who provided valuable input to the process at all stages. The ICPSR Council plays a critical role in the success of ICPSR, and its distinguished members, drawn from across the country, provide invaluable service to the field. 
ICPSR plays a very important role in ISR, the University of Michigan, and the social science community. Since its founding in 1962, ICPSR has been at the forefront of making social science data available to researchers from around the world. It has impressively reinvented itself through the numerous technological changes in data and dissemination over six decades, and, under Maggie's leadership, it has continued to innovate and evolve in impressive ways. ICPSR's long-running summer training program has also stayed on the cutting edge of training in quantitative research methods. ICPSR has outstanding faculty and staff, and the almost 800 members of the Consortium make it uniquely situated to serve the social science community. ICPSR has a long history of excellent center directors, and Maggie has continued that tradition. Maggie has also played an important role in ISR leadership. I especially appreciate Maggie's hard work on behalf of ISR's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative
I know that Maggie will do an outstanding job in her second term as ICPSR director. I encourage you all to congratulate (and thank) Maggie for her reappointment and to give her your support as she helps keep ICPSR and ISR in the forefront of social science research. 
David Lam
Director of ISR


Mar 24, 2021

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