ICPSR is the New Official Home of International Love Data Week!


Love Data Week 2021 Hosted By ICPSR


We are excited to announce that ICPSR is the new official home of International Love Data Week! Thank you to Heather Coates for her incredible leadership over the past several years and to all of the committee members and volunteers who helped turn this into an international event. 

Love Data Week 2021 (Feb. 8-12) will be based loosely on the theme “Data: Delivering a Better Future.” The hashtag will be #LoveData21.

ICPSR will be hosting the schedule for all Love Data Week events. To submit your own events to the international events page, please use the 2021 Love Data Week Registration Form, and send questions and comments to the new international Love Data Week email address, LoveDataWeek@umich.edu.

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Jan 21, 2021

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