ICPSR People: Warmest wishes to ICPSR's Piper Simmons upon her retirement

Piper celebrates at her retirement party in July 2019


ICPSR data steward Piper Simmons, who retires this month, has provided ICPSR with over 32 years of service and dedication to ICPSR and the University of Michigan. Most recently, Simmons worked in ICPSR's Project Management and User Support unit and as a member of the Acquisitions team. Piper has played a key role in helping depositors, assisting researchers with data management plans, and establishing ICPSR's acquisitions leads tool: Copper. She has been known for her passion and knack for "finding data depositors in a sea of lost data."  We will miss Piper’s warm, positive energy, kindness for all her colleagues, and a seemingly never-ending supply of interesting life stories.



Jul 29, 2019

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