Social Weather Stations Survey Series

Investigator(s): Social Weather Stations

The objective of the Social Weather Stations Surveys is to provide an independent source of data on Philippine economic and social conditions. The surveys, conducted quarterly, fill in gaps in data not covered by existing sources and are meant to supplement government statistical activities. The Social Weather Stations Surveys include both regular time series data (items to be monitored from survey to survey) and contemporary readings (items to be modified from time to time, depending on current public issues). The time series data include variables that the series has been monitoring for several years, thus providing trends in economic and social conditions. The surveys use highly comparable questionnaire wordings and sampling methodology across the years. The definitive language used in the survey questionnaire is Tagalog. When necessary, the questionnaire is translated into Ilocano, Bikol, Cebuano, and Ilonggo, as well as English.