County and City Data Book [United States] Series

Investigator(s): U.S. Bureau of the Census

ICPSR's holdings of the County and City Data Books cover the years 1944-1977, 1983, and 1988, and consist of several datasets that include economic, demographic, governmental, and electoral data for diverse areas such as regions, counties, individual states, census divisions, cities, Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSAs), Standard Federal Administrative Regions, and incorporated and non-incorporated places with over 25,000 inhabitants, in the entire United States. The data were obtained mainly from the United States Bureau of the Census, but data were also acquired from various other federal agencies and national sources, including private sources. A major purpose of this data series was to provide multi-area comparisons or single-area profiles. The datasets include items drawn from decennial censuses, economic censuses, censuses of population and housing, and censuses of agriculture.