Census of Population and Housing, 1790-1950 [United States] Series

Investigator(s): U.S. Bureau of the Census

ICPSR's holdings of the historic Census data, Historical, Demographic, Economic, and Social Data: The United States, 1790-1970 (ICPSR 00003), include Census data for all the decennial years from 1790 to 1950 for counties and states, and one religious data file for the decennial year 1890. The series was developed by ICPSR and was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation. The data were collected from a variety of sources, including published and unpublished reports and computer-readable data collections prepared by the Census Bureau, the published federal decennial census reports, and data and reports from other agencies and private individuals. Included in this collection are also two datasets on economic conditions: farm land value and bank deposits, obtained from sources other than the U.S. Census Bureau.

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