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Video Presentations

ICPSR has a number of video presentations on YouTube that address a variety of topics including step by step instructions on using and troubleshooting set-up files and creating a MyData account, and learning about some of the archives housed at ICPSR, such as RCMD and Research Connections or using ICPSR resources in your classroom, such as Inquiry-Based Learning.

Contact ICPSR User Support

If the FAQs and video tutorials do not answer your questions, our user support staff are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., ET, Monday to Friday.

Phone: 734-647-2200

Our goal is to respond to inquiries on the same day they are received.

Contact Local Support

Data users at ICPSR member institutions can contact their local ICPSR Representative for assistance in finding, accessing, and working with ICPSR data. In some cases, your Representative may refer you elsewhere on campus if they cannot answer your question. For users at nonmember institutions, your local support might be a data librarian in your library system or a consultant in a social science data center or statistical consulting center.

Local support is available for logged in consortium members.


You may encounter unfamiliar acronyms and specialized terms used in the social sciences. These resources can provide clear definitions:

Need a study converted to a different format?

You can contact ICPSR User Support to inquire about the possibility of ICPSR creating setup files for the study. If it is determined that ICPSR cannot create them or cannot create them within your time frame, then you are advised to seek assistance from someone on your campus with experience in the statistical package that you have chosen to use.

Alternately, we may be able to provide assistance in converting one of our studies into a statistical format other than the one in which it is offered. Generally, ICPSR offers data in SAS, Stata, and SPSS statistical packages, but if one of those formats is not available for a specific study, we can convert any of these formats into any other. However, we do not typically provide data in analysis-ready formats when a setup file for the required format is offered. We offer tutorials on using setup files in all statistical packages on our YouTube Channel.