DDI XML Metadata Records

NOTE: By downloading ICPSR metadata records, you agree to ICPSR's Conditions of Use regarding those records.

For detailed information on the structure of ICPSR's XML, please contact web-support@icpsr.umich.edu.

Obtaining All Study Records

A compressed file of all 8,000+ XML files is automatically uploaded to our website on the first of the month.

Obtaining Individual Study Records

To obtain individual files, simply find the study on the ICPSR Find & Analyze Data site, then look for the export links near the bottom of the study home page.

Caveat: This function can be a bit slow, depending upon your Web browser. Please note that the form above may return either an error message or display XML that doesn't display the full doctype, depending upon your Web browser and operating system. Either way, the source document will have valid XML and the full doctype. Choose the 'view source' menu command to see the true XML.