Classroom Exercises

Data-Driven Learning Guides

Stand-alone exercises that use online data analysis to teach social science concepts

These standardized exercises introduce (or reinforce) key concepts in the social sciences by guiding students through a series of questions and related data analyses. Analyses are preset so students can focus on content rather than mechanics of data analysis. To assist instructors with selection, guides are also categorized by the most sophisticated statistical test presented in the exercise.

Crosstab Assignment Builder

A utility to build simple tables to share with students; the instructor can limit variables and analysis options

The Crosstab Assignment Builder allows faculty to select subsets of variables for students to use in creating crosstabulation tables. The instructor selects a dataset, identifies relevant variables, and chooses options related to the desired level of student autonomy in table creation. A URL is generated that provides access to the limited-choice table where students can modify the display and create charts or graphs as appropriate.

Exercise Set (Modules)

These resources are made up of sequenced activities. Exercise Sets are often appropriate for Research Methods courses and more substantively focused courses.