Instructions for the Crosstab Assignment Builder

  1. Find the Right Dataset

    The first step in building a crosstab assignment is to find the dataset you want to customize. Begin by looking at our list of all studies for which online analysis is available. You can utilize the facets and the "revise search" feature atop the page to narrow the list to studies that address topics relevant to your course.

    Once you find a good dataset, click on the "Build a Crosstab Assignment" link on the study home page. (You will only see this link if you navigate to the study homepage from the link above or on the Teaching & Learning homepage.)

  2. Choose Your Variables

    The "Build a Crosstab Assignment" link will take you into the variable selection utility:

    Within this screen, you can do the following:

    • Name your table.
    • Select which variables you wish to appear as available for row, column, or control.
    • Choose basic display options, such as whether to display a graphical chart and which percentages to display.
    • Decide how to handle weights.
    • Recode variables using the "Recode Syntax" feature.

    When you've finished making your selections, click on the "Save & Review" button.

  3. Review the Table

    On the next screen you can get a preview of what your students will see, and you can choose to edit the table. If there are any problems with your choices (like a default table with over 500 rows), this page will explain them.

  4. Share the URL

    On this screen is a link titled "Share this URL." This is the link you'll give to your students.