Training Videos and Online Curriculum

Online Courses

Injury Prevention For Children and Teens-Mooc. In this self-paced course, you will learn best practices for firearm safety and suicide prevention from a multidisciplinary panel of nationally recognized injury prevention experts. You will be introduced to information about the burden, cost, and trends of child firearm injuries. This course will also address risk and protective factors for firearm injuries.

Reducing Gun Violence in America: Evidence for Change. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently launched an open online course on gun violence prevention. Reducing Gun Violence in America: Evidence for Change is designed to provide learners with the best available science and insights from top scholars across the country as well as the skills to understand which interventions are the most effective to offer a path forward for reducing gun violence in our homes, schools, and communities.

Training Videos


This video will train you to counsel patients and families in a clinical setting around firearm safety and ensure the safety of children in your community. You will learn to:

  • Conduct firearm screening to identify firearms in the home
  • Identify children and adolescents at risk of firearm injury
  • Deliver appropriate counseling techniques around firearm injury prevention for families
  • Recognize barriers and challenges when providing firearm injury prevention counseling
  • Mitigate challenging interactions around firearm injury prevention counseling
  • Understand appropriate referral resources per patients’ risk factors

Safe Storage

This video will provide you with basic knowledge of gun storage safety and gun safety practices. You will learn about:

  • Types of firearms
  • Basic ammunition
  • Firearm actions
  • Parts of a firearm
  • Types of gun locks
  • Ammunition storage options


This video explores the epidemiology of firearm injuries among U.S. children. You will learn about:

  • Trends in national firearm injuries
  • Firearm injuries among pediatric populations
  • Racial disparities among firearm injuries
  • Importance of firearm access and safe storage in the home
  • Recommendations for firearm injury prevention in the home