Jukka Savolainen

Director, National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Research Professor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Brief Biography

Jukka Savolainen is director of the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data, which facilitates research in criminal justice and criminology. Dr. Savolainen earned his Ph.D. in sociology at SUNY-Albany (1996) with concentrations in criminology and family demography. Prior to joining the ICPSR (2015), he was professor of criminology and criminal justice at University of Nebraska. In addition to his academic career, he has held senior-level positions at criminal justice policy institutes in New York and his native Finland. Dr. Savolainen has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, most of which examine causes of crime, violence, or delinquency. Examples of this work include studies of the effects of alcohol on violent offending and the role of employment in desistance from crime. His research has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and the Norwegian Research Council, among other sources. Dr. Savolainen is an active member of the American Society of Criminology, and he serves on the editorial boards of multiple international journals, including Homicide Studies and the International Criminal Justice Review.

Recent Publications

Savolainen, J., Applin, S., Messner, S.F., Hughes, L.A., Lytle, R., & Kivivuori, J. (2017). "Does the Gender Gap in Delinquency Vary by Level of Patriarchy? A Cross- National Comparative Analysis." Forthcoming in November 2017 issue of Criminology Available online as Early View (doi: 10.1111/1745-9125.12161).

Savolainen, J., Mason, W. A., Lyyra, A.-L., Pulkkinen, L., & Kokko, K. (2017). "Antisocial and human capital pathways to socioeconomic exclusion: A 42-year prospective study." Developmental Psychology, 53(8), 1597-1609.

January, S.-A. A., Mason, W. A., Savolainen, J., Solomon, S., Chmelka, M. B., Miettunen, J., Veijola, J., Moilanen, I., Taanila, A., & Järvelin, M.-R. (2017). "Longitudinal pathways from cumulative contextual risk at birth to school functioning in adolescence: Analysis of mediation effects and gender moderation." Journal of Youth and Adolescence 46(1), 180-196.

Kivivuori, J., Savolainen, J., & Aaltonen, M. (2016). "The revenge motive in delinquency: Prevalence and predictors." Acta Sociologica 59 (2016): 69-84.

Skardhamar, T., Savolainen, J., Aase, K., & Lyngstad, T. (2015). "Does marriage reduce crime? A systematic review of research." Crime & Justice: A Review of Research 44: 385-557.

Schwartz, J., Savolainen, J., Aaltonen, M., Merikukka, M., Paananen, R., & Gissler, M. (2015). "Intelligence and criminal behavior in a total birth cohort: An examination of functional form, dimensions of intelligence, and the nature of offending." Intelligence 51:109-118 (2015).

Skardhamar, T. & Savolainen, J. (2014). "Changes in criminal offending around the time of job entry: A study of employment and desistance." Criminology 52(2): 263-291.

Savolainen, J., Aaltonen, M., Merikukka, M., Paananen, R., & Gissler, M. (2014). "Social mobility and crime: Evidence from a total birth cohort." British Journal of Criminology, 55(1), 164-183.

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