Data Stewardship and Social Science Research Projects

Acting as a global leader in data stewardship is part of ICPSR's mission. Here, we highlight some of our current projects in data stewardship and social science research, and the people behind this important work.

 College and Beyond II: Outcomes of a Liberal Arts Education
The aim of the project is to refine and test a set of measures and methods for representing the nature and assessing the value of a liberal arts education.
 Linkage Library
Combining datasets is a powerful means to expanding information and analysis...
 Researcher Passport
It's like a travel passport! It's a digital identity, or profile, that captures and verifies the things about you that data stewards need to know...
 ICPSR Publications on Data Stewardship
White papers, reports, and published articles related to data stewardship
 Computational Approaches for the Construction of Novel Macroeconomic Data
Social and computer scientists building a service to create and preserve economic and social science measures from digital traces of human activity...
 Continuous Capture of Metadata for Statistical Data
New tools that will work with common statistical packages to automate the capture of metadata at the granularity of individual data transformations...