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This archive is the repository for publicly available data from NCAA member institutions and their student-athletes


Request for Proposals

The NCAA Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Learning of Students (GOALS) in College Data

The NCAA is seeking outstanding substantive and methodological proposals for studying issues important to NCAA student-athletes and member institutions using data from its Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations and Learning of Students in College Study (GOALS).


In 2006, GOALS survey responses were received from over 19,786 student-athletes representing all three divisions at 620 NCAA member institutions. Respondents provided information about their lives as student-athletes across a spectrum of domains, including:

  • Academic engagement and success;
  • Athletics experiences;
  • Social experiences;
  • Career aspirations;
  • Health and well-being;
  • Campus and team climate; and
  • Time commitments.

These data have been used extensively by NCAA policymakers and member institutions to detail the experiences of student-athletes as a function of sport and NCAA division. However, many important topics remain to be studied.

Obtaining Approval for Use of NCAA GOALS Data

The NCAA encourages research in all areas of intercollegiate athletics. In the first phase of this pilot program, the NCAA will approve data access for a limited number of proposals. This pilot phase will allow NCAA research staff to develop appropriate support mechanisms to facilitate broader use of the data for research. Preference will be given to high-quality proposals that demonstrate a clear rationale and articulate specific, testable research questions. We encourage proposals from NCAA faculty athletics representatives who assisted in the administration of this study, in addition to junior and senior scholars examining issues in intercollegiate athletics from a range of disciplines.

The proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Research questions are specific;
  2. GOALS data can adequately answer the research questions proposed;
  3. Appropriate independent and dependent variables are specified;
  4. Proposed analytic techniques are sufficient to answer the proposed research questions;
  5. Details of the process by which the researcher will obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval are included; and
  6. The proposed research study shows promise in advancing the current knowledge base in the field while also providing information to NCAA member institutions that will help them improve the intercollegiate athletics experience.

Proposal specification details along with submission procedures can be found in the full Request for Proposals PDF. Please also review the GOALS data collection instrument (pdf) and preliminary codebook (pdf). Full and finalized documentation will be available to selected research teams.

Please contact Keke Liu at or 317-917-6330 with any questions you have about your proposal or the Request for Proposal process.