Forms for Restricted Data

Restricted-Use Data

Restricted Data Use Agreement (PDF 99K). The Restricted Data Use Agreement details the policies of the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data, as they conform to the general policies of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research and the University of Michigan for the preservation of confidentiality. The Restricted Data Use Agreement includes a statement that the data collection is to be used only by the Investigator and listed Research Staff for the sole purpose of statistical analysis. It also outlines that appropriate safeguards for security and eventual disposal of the restricted-use data collection have been made.

Affidavit for Destruction of Restricted Data (PDF 49K). At the end of the 24-month agreement or once the research project has terminated (whichever comes first), the Investigator must return the original files, or destroy them and submit to NACJD/ICPSR an Affidavit for Destruction of Restricted Data, containing the following: A notarized letter stating that any physical media and/or data supplied by ICPSR has been destroyed, that all files have been securely removed from the computer(s) and that the server/external hard drive/hard drive of the computer(s) has been erased with the secure erasure program named in the approved Data Security Plan. A final annual report or a statement describing any publications, presentations, dissertations, or grants since the last annual report.

Extension for Use of Restricted Data (PDF 108K). If at the end of the 24-month agreement, the research project still requires access to the restricted data, the Investigator must submit to NACJD/ICPSR a request for an extension for an additional 24 months. If the IRB has expired, current approval documentation must be included.

NIJ Privacy Certificate (PDF 1,282K). Data funded by the National Institute of Justice have an additional requirement that must be completed for receiving restricted data and the documentation, the Privacy Certificate. This is an additional safeguard to protect respondent privacy; it summarizes the research project and how data users will manage potentially identifying data. This should be completely answered and signed by the Investigator and the Institutional Review Board.

Data Enclave

Application for Use of the ICPSR Data Enclave (PDF 149KB)