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About the PRISM Data Archive Project

The Population Research in Sexual Minority Health (PRISM) Data Archive is a collaborative project of the Center for Population Research in LGBT Health and the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). The PRISM data archive project is a primary initiative of the Center. PRISM makes high quality datasets useful for analysis of issues affecting sexual and gender minority populations in the United States available researchers, scholars, educators and practitioners.

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Downloading Data

Documentation files associated with ICPSR datasets are available to the general public. This documentation includes the study metadata--that is, the data describing the study. However, not all of the datasets themselves are freely available.

Most datasets are available only to persons at ICPSR member institutions. If you are at a member institution, you will be able to download these datasets; if you are not, you may only download documentation files for that study. A note on the study home page will alert you if the data is available only to ICPSR members. Some datasets--typically studies funded by federal agencies--are freely available to the general public.

Many universities and institutions are ICPSR members, enabling access to ICPSR data for their students, faculty and staff. To learn if your institution is a member of ICPSR, visit the ICPSR List of Member Institutions.

To begin downloading data, you will need to set up a MyData account. To access member-only data, you must verify your institutional affiliation by logging in to your MyData account from an "on campus" computer located at your member institution. Once your MyData account is verified, you can download data from your home computer or other remote location.

Still have questions? ICPSR provides user support for downloading and using data through its website.

Submitting Datasets

We invite and encourage researchers and scholars to submit data resources to the PRISM archive. Please contact Aimee Van Wagenen (avanwagenen@fenwayhealth.org), the Center's Program Manager, if you are thinking about submitting a dataset.

The Center manages the PRISM archive following ICPSR data archiving practices and procedures. More information about ICPSR data archiving policies, including information about ICPSR's restricted access data enclave, can be found on the ICPSR website.

ICPSR Bibliography

ICSPR maintains a bibliography of publications that make use of data in its archives.

Questions and Feedback

We want to hear what you think about PRISM! Please send questions and feedback about your experiences using the archive to the Center's Program Manager, Aimee Van Wagenen (avanwagenen@fenwayhealth.org).