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2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS)

The two variables used in this infographic are:

Q: People can tell I am trans even if I don't tell them.
1 Visual non-conformers
2. Somewhat visual conforming
3: Visual conformers


Q: In the past year, did anyone tell or ask you if you were using the wrong bathroom?

  • Only 13.7% of respondents who visually conform to the expectation of their gender identity were told or asked whether they were using the wrong bathroom.
  • For respondents who were somewhat visually conforming, that number increased to 34.7%.
  • For visual non-conformers, the number increased to 41.5%.

From the data we see that appearance has an effect on the behavior of others. The more a respondent visually conforms to the expectation of their gender identity, the less often they are told they are using the wrong bathroom.

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