National Addiction & HIV Data Archive Program


The National Addiction & HIV Data Archive Program acquires, preserves and disseminates data relevant to drug addiction and HIV research. The scope of the data housed at NAHDAP covers a wide range of legal and illicit drugs (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, synthetic drugs, and others) and the trajectories, patterns, and consequences of drug use as well as related predictors and outcomes. By preserving and making available an easily accessible library of electronic data on drug addiction and HIV infection in the United States, NAHDAP offers scholars the opportunity to conduct secondary analysis on major issues of social and behavioral sciences and public policy.

The research community benefits when researchers can use data from original research projects to test conclusions - verifying, refining, or refuting published findings. Sharing data through NAHDAP fosters the development and testing of new conclusions, as data collected for one purpose can be used to pursue inquiries not addressed by the original investigators.

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