American National Election Study: 2016 Pilot Study (ICPSR 36390)

Published: Mar 16, 2016

Principal Investigator(s):
American National Election Studies; Stanford University; University of Michigan


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The American National Election Study (ANES): 2016 Pilot Study sought to test new instrumentation under consideration for potential inclusion in the ANES 2016 Time Series Study, as well as future ANES studies. Much of the content is based on proposals from the ANES user community submitted through the Online Commons page, found on the ANES home page. The survey included questions about preferences in the presidential primary, stereotyping, the economy, discrimination, race and racial consciousness, police use of force, and numerous policy issues, such as immigration law, health insurance, and federal spending. It was conducted on the Internet using the YouGov panel, an international market research firm that administers polls that collect information about politics, public affairs, products, brands, as well as other topics of general interest.

American National Election Studies, Stanford University, and University of Michigan. American National Election Study: 2016 Pilot Study. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2016-03-16.

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2016-01-22 -- 2016-01-28

For more information on the ANES 2016 Pilot Study, please refer to the ANES Data Center Web site.

This collection has not been fully processed by ICPSR. All of the files are available in one zipped package. This collection will be fully curated at a later date.

The purpose of this study was to test questions for inclusion on the ANES 2016 Time Series, as well as other future ANES studies.

Respondents were selected from the YouGov panel survey administered on the Internet. Response to these surveys are on a volunteer basis.

The study was conducted on the Internet using the YouGov panel. The YouGov panel consists of a large and diverse set of over a million respondents who have volunteered to complete surveys online and who regularly receive invitations to do so. They receive points usually worth about 21 to 50 cents for each survey they complete. The points are redeemable for various gift cards, a YouGov t-shirt, or UNICEF a donation. A respondent has to complete about 40 surveys to be eligible for any reward.

Respondents were selected from the YouGov panel by sample matching. Matching is intended to make the individuals who complete the survey represent the population on the variables used for matching. Respondents were matched to United States citizens in the 2010 American Community Survey (ACS) sample by gender, age, race, and education, and to the November 2010 Current Population Survey (CPS) for voter registration and turnout status, and to the 2007 Pew Religious Life Survey on interest in politics and party identification. 1,200 individuals from the YouGov panel were selected for the ANES Pilot Study to match the target population defined by the ACS, CPS, and Pew surveys.

After data collection the sample was weighted by YouGov using propensity scores using a logistic regression with age, gender, race/ethnicity, years of education, region, and party identification included in the model. For more information on sampling, please see the ANES 2016 Pilot Study Codebook and User Guide found within the zip package, as well as visit the ANES Data Center Web site.


United States citizens age 18 or older.


survey data

web-based survey



The data are not weighted. This collection contains two weight variables, WEIGHT and WEIGHT_SPSS. The variable WEIGHT is the weight for analysis that is intended to generalize to the population. The variable WEIGHT_SPSS is the weight recommended to be used by SPSS users not using the Complex Samples procedures and will account for the smaller effective sample size. For more information on weights, please see the ANES 2016 Pilot Study Codebook and User Guide found within the zip package, as well as visit the ANES Data Center Web site.


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