Data-Related Publications

The ICPSR Bibliography of Data-related Literature is a continuously-updated database of thousands of citations of works using data held in the ICPSR archive. The works include journal articles, books, book chapters, government and agency reports, working papers, dissertations, conference papers, meeting presentations, unpublished manuscripts, magazine and newspaper articles, and audiovisual materials.

Search Tips

  • Our citation search indexes only the literal citations, not the full text of the publications.
  • Instead of entering a research question, use only one or two search words, and use the filters to narrow your results.
  • Use quotes for phrase searches; use the minus sign to remove items from results: "drug abuse" -adolescent
  • A Boolean "and" is invoked with multiple search terms.
  • Stemming is automatic; do not use an asterisk.
  • Search is not case-sensitive.

Submit Citations

ICPSR encourages its users to submit bibliographic citations to data we disseminate. To add a new citation to our Bibliography, please use our citation form or email us at

What's Included in the Bibliography?

Data-related publications were collected as a resource for our data users; the Bibliography is our best attempt to gather all citations relating to ICPSR data, however:

  • This collection is not exhaustive. Many authors continue to omit any citation of the data used in their work and/or neglect to inform ICPSR of their published materials. Therefore, this collection may underreport utilization of ICPSR data and should only be viewed as a partial statement of its impact on research.

  • Not all publications appearing in this collection will use the most recent version of the data. Oftentimes the version is not provided in a publication, or else the version changed after the publication was added to the collection.

  • In the collection, there could be citations to publications that we have judged most likely analyzed data distributed at ICPSR, but we cannot say for sure from the information provided.

  • The collection could contain citations to publications that analyzed data very similar to those at ICPSR, but that were clearly retrieved from a different distributor. Such publications are included in the collection for the purposes of edification.

More information on the methods used to create the Bibliography can be found in our methodology.

Benefits of the Bibliography

The Bibliography facilitates literature searches by social scientists, students, journalists, policymakers, and funding agencies. They use it to

  • Identify much of the research that has already been undertaken in an area
  • Replicate analyses of data
  • Avoid duplicating analysis that has already been done
  • Identify cross-disciplinary implications and uses of the data

The Bibliography is also valuable for studying data as intellectual output. It allows investigators to

  • Study how data resources are used
  • Conduct citations analyses
  • Investigate the life cycle of data
  • Learn more about methodological issues, some of which are covered solely in the published literature


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