Stata in the VDE

Stata comes pre-configured with a number of useful settings in the VDE. We maintain a repository of useful Stata .ado files for your use.

Boston College Statistical Software Components (SSC)

The Boston College Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive is a distributed database that makes a large number of Stata programs available. The SSC archive is maintained by Kit Baum ( at the Boston College of Economics. It mirrors the contents of the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) series Statistical Software Components, available from IDEAS ( and EconPapers (

The Stata Files Repository

The SSC is automatically configured to be available to all users of the VDE. ICPSR has this configured as a mapped drive assigned as the "S:" drive in the VDE. In addition, Stata is configured to be aware of this repository with no user configuration required.

Loading .ado Files From the Local Repository

The S: drive holds all local .ado files and requested packages. Importing these files into your workflow can be done with the following command:
net install {packagename}, from("S:\{first letter of package}")
Example importing the match package:
net install match, from("S:\m")
This will allow import of any .ado file you have access to and can reference the absolute file location inside the quotation marks.

Third-Party .ado Files

If you have an additional .ado files you need imported to the VDE, our team can load those into your project's environment. Submit a support request to with the additional file you need and we will add it to your project directory. This is the folder with your Principal Investigator's name in it, and is typically mapped as the "H:" drive in the VDE.

Need Help?

If you are new to Stata and need to learn more in general, we recommend visiting Stata's learning portal. However, if you are experiencing issues that seem to be unique to the VDE, please reach out to us via email at: